Sunday, 11 August 2013

Heavy Metal Character - Change to Anatomy

Well I showed some of my initial work to some colleagues and whilst supporting, one mentioned that for such a comical idea why not have comical proportions. And whilst I was trying to avoid recreating Brutal Legend's protagonist with big burly arms, I did quite like the idea and thought I could still create a bigger character, whilst avoiding the 2 appearing too similar.

So I began by creating a base mesh for use within mudbox that I would be able to manipulate and sculpt to create the character I wanted. I also used the swift loop tool within 3DS Max to make sure that the model had enough geometry for me to use within mudbox.

Base mesh

1st Sculpt Pass, excluding head

So far I think it's going quite good, my muscle definition has improved however currently the arms do look as if they are rather stuck on rather than attached.

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