Monday, 5 August 2013

Hard Surface Attempt

I absolutely love modeling with mudbox compared to 3ds Max, you just get so much more freedom in what you are doing. However it is very difficult to get hard edged shapes down and from what I can gather it is also rather difficult to do hard surface modelling within mudbox with zbrush suppossedly being the better program for such things.

An example of a hard surface model
However I do not have £400 odd lying around so I will make do with mudbox, not to mention mudbox's UI is so much simpler and I'm already very familiar with it so I might as well stick with it.

To begin with I made myself a little torso and head just so I could do a little practice on some armour or something.
I was also following this little youtube video series although a lot of it was presented in a, "here's something I did earlier" kinda way which wasn't very insightful, but nevertheless I tried my hand.

The result wasn't the best, though you can sorta see something coming through. Maybe with practice, or maybe with zbrush I'll actually create something very hard edged.

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