Saturday, 29 June 2013

Thacthed Cottage, Finished

Below is the finished model for the RTS project in all it's splendor. I am quite happy with it and how low poly I was able to make it, although it is quite obvious that I have a tilable texture on the buildings and so perhaps a creeping bit of moss is in need to add some variation to the buildings to break up the patterns.

First version of the model presented in UDK

512x512 Diffuse

512x512 Normal Map

The model can be viewed on p3d

Next building to do will be the actual Town Centre itself.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Thacthed Cottage, Texturing has begun!

So I have unwrapped my cottage and begun texturing it starting with the thatched roof, which is quite difficult as it turns out.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

What I've been up to

Since my moment of silence I have been contacted by a lovely fellow by the name of Kruma on the interweb to help him in create an RTS game built on the Source engine. My role in this endeavor will be to create the buildings that the player can use to assemble their base. Still isn't character design , although I am ready to leap at any opportunity to get some experience under my belt of working within a team, meeting deadlines and ultimately have the ability to say, "yes I worked on this", and hopefully I will be proud to say so.

The game in a nutshell is an Age of Empires 2 clone however the placement of towncentres is limited to only a few locations as they must be built on top of old abandoned buildings.

Which leads me to the first model I have made for this project, an old thatched cottage to act as the abandoned building.

The blue cylinder represents a person, just to maintain scale throughout

Hopefully it'll turn out alright.

Long Time No Post v0.1

So I haven't posted in a while unfortunately due to other responsibilities as well as a small smidge of laziness on my part, to which I apologise to you dear reader. Probably my only reader, hell I probably don't have any and only say these things to boost my ego.

Anyway, gave up on the noob challenge, the concept art wasn't terribly exciting and it made very little sense for me to be doing environmental stuff when I want to focus on character design.